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Mike C. Bauer: Artist, Game/Web Developer, Software Engineer

Most of my recent work has been created under confidential or classified security measures so I can't really display it the way I would like, but I have managed to piece together a few examples to give a taste of what I have done.


For 20 years I have been a professional artist, traditionally trained as an animator, I grew into being a director, capable of handling every element required in creating an animation: modeling, texturing, rigging, unwrapping, animation, cameras, lighting, efx, rendering, editing, sound design and compositing.Drawing, painting, sculpting, and as of late woodworking round out my skillset.

Game Developer

For about 5 years, I was the Program Chair of Game Design at ITT Technical Institute. After I left the school, I was hired on as a Lead Designer where I helped an R&D team create an 360 degree immersive trainer using UDK at first, and then Unity.

I can help you go from concept sketches all the way to the finished product. During my time as Lead Designer, we published AR, VR and desktop apps for clients.

Web Developer

Comfortable building just about any kind of website with html, css3, and javascript, I left the web design field for a while as I explored game design and game engines. Over the years I occasionally would generate income creating sites for friends, family, or other referrals. What I love about Web Deverlopment is the UI design. There is something about creating experiences and helping people find what they are looking for in creative and interactive ways that really appeals to me.

Software Engineer

Currently a software engineer working with QT and C++ to create UI applications which emulate military software for training purposes. Emulators obviously are very tricky to do because you have to produce and exact replica of someone else's application, but this is a reverse engineering challenge that I enjoy. Occasionally I get to add some creativity to our applications which run to help the instructors monitor and train the students.

UIX Examples

Web Dev

Just about all of my recent UI work has been created under confidential or classified security measures so I can't really display it the way I would like, but I have managed to piece together a few examples here to give a taste of what I have done in the past.

Static Examples

These images, while not interactive, show previous design mock ups because I am unable to show the final versions due to classification or proprietary reasons. At some point I plan to generate some rough prototypes of these projects with InVision, but for now at least you can see my layout designs.
What is important to remember with this examples, is that they were designed to control the Immersive environment in which you were standing wirelessly. So these were on a tablet in your hand, and as you navigated around and pressed buttons, I would connect to the server via TCP, and send signals to the game engine thereby interacting with the scenario. Without that context, alot of these might not make much sense as to what you are looking at design wise.

STEM Presentation 2014

We participated in a STEM conference a while back and created a presentation that highlighted two of Northrop Grumman's technologies: the Global Hawk, and the James Webb Telescope.

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Electronic Warfare 2015

This project was about showing what Electronic Warfare looks like on the battlefield. Since you can't actually see the effects of radars and such, we helped visualize them so it was clear how they functioned and what their weaknesses were.

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National Application Update Dashboard 2014

This project was about creating a dashboard that would help administrators monitor the progress of a software update across all agencies.

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Law Enforcement Trainer 2015

This was an actual trainer that was used by the Fairfax County Police Department. It shows how we guided them through different scenarios and how we drove interactions to keep the experience fresh.

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Interactive Examples

These are the executables of the above examples. Because they are made in Flash, and that is no longer supported in browsers, I have the downloads here if you would like to see how they actually ran. I understand if you don't want to download and run them, but they are safe and are what I put on our Microsoft Surface Pro's to allow us to wirelessly control our scenarios.


Game Dev Examples


Here are some examples of my Game Environment Design primarily using Unity, but also Unreal 4. I was responsible for designing and developing all assets used in the shots as well lighting and rendering from the engine.

Northrop Grumman put together this video highlighting the work we did on the VIPE Holodeck Research and Development project. All of the 3d environments visible in the shots were created by me using the UDK. I was lead designer and eventually took over UI development before funding expired and the project was dissolved.

As a developer for the Unity Asset Store, I have spent many hours developing a few products, but mainly I have been focused on expanding my main product ForestVision. Unity has deemed it to be an "Artist Essential".


Web Dev Examples

I'll be real, just about all of my web development has been lost due to a crash with my portable hard drive ( fyi, don't depend on them ). On this page I will adding in new example pages as I develop them to show more of what I can do.
In the meantime, this website will have to do as an example of my web development.

Coming soon

Animation Examples

I've always loved animation ever since I was a kid and my dream job, even still today, is to direct a full feature animated movie. I originally wanted to be a background artist for Disney, and once I saw Toy Story, I knew it was time to learn the computers and how to animate.

My BS degree is in Multimedia Art and Animation, and I have about half of my MFA in 3d Animation completed. Who knows if I'll ever go back and finish, college is too expensive and just not worth it. You learn plenty for free these days, but that credential will get you into many job interviews.

Here are just a few of my favorite animation examples. Hopefully I'll get back around to this all time favorite thing to do one day.

While these aren't full 3d animation, these are some examples of my video work, which always includes some element of animation.

This was our 3rd baby annoucement video video.

I had to make a video celebrating how awesome my wife is.

This was my first commissioned tribute video.

Last but not least, this particular video is one I made for my dad, about his parents, my grand parents, gotta make sure this one is here!

Current Resume

Mike C. Bauer
Artist - UI Designer - Software Engineer - Leader

Coventry, RI - mikecbauervision@gmail.com – 401-654-0964

20 years of artistic and technical leadership experience creating high quality 3D art and interactive applications, while serving the:
Educational, Military and Interactive Multimedia industries
at all levels of the production pipeline.


• Active Secret Clearance
• Full stack developer
• Bridge between Artists, Programmers and Managers
• Initial Concept development, ensuring successful marriage of idea and platforms; prototype designer
• Design implementation and development
• Works closely with Project Manager, team leads and clients, advising on technical cost/impact of changes and requests
• Investigates, defines and advises on methods and tools prior to and during production
• Set up and maintains production pipeline
• Understanding and experience of mobile device limitations and challenges
• Adept in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies
• Ability to quickly learn platform capabilities and limitations, enthusiastic to meet challenging artistic and technical visions
• Integrates assets into projects without sacrificing artistic vision or exceeding technical limits of platform
• Ability to mentor artists/developers in chosen methods, optimizations and tools for and during production
• Actively advising or informing the responsible parties of foreseeable issues or problematic techniques
• Trouble shooting / debugging on technical issues
• Write scripts/tools to aide artists and developers to create more efficiently
• Assist in producing any and all elements that relate to artistic, technical and business development aspects of any project
• Ability to cover multiple projects when needed. Willing to relocate: Anywhere Authorized to work in the US for any employer


3D Studio Max (since 1998)
Photoshop - After Efx - Premiere (since 1998)
Unity (since 2013)
Unreal Engine (since 2010)
Autodesk Maya (since 2000)
Substance Designer (since 2015)

C++ (since 2009)
HTML (since 2012)
C# (since 2013)
CSS (since 2014)
Java (since 2015)
Javascript (since 2015)


Software Developer

Northrop Grumman - Middletown, RI
Developing graphical user interfaces for military training simulations. Responsible for day to day development updates, and creating fully functional emulations of customer products.

Lead Game Artist / Designer

Northrop Grumman - Suffolk, VA - 2011 to 2016
Leading a team to develop Interactive training, as well as data visualization and product development using gaming technology. Key Results: Designed fully immersive, 360 degree scenarios for Military, Medical, Cyber Warfare and Law enforcement markets. Led development of scenario transitions into mobile, VR platforms including GearVR, Rift and Project Tango.

Game Design Program Chair

ITT Technical Institute - Norfolk, VA - 2005 to 2010
Analyzed and corrected educational and business concerns with the implementation and development of curricula and instructor applications. Served as both chair and Instructor to best ensure student participation and involvement. Key Results: Slashed program attrition by 2% in a year.

Lead Animator

Life Cycle Engineering - Norfolk, VA - 2007 to 2008
Stepped in and stepped up to a demanding timeline, delivering courseware above expectations and ahead of schedule to save a failing project.


MFA in Game Design Academy of Art 2019
MBA ITT Technical Institute 2009
BS in Multimedia Arts & Animation Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale 2001


Service Country: United States Branch: Army Rank: E-4 1995 to 1998
Honorable Discharge

Printable PDF version here

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More updates to the site coming soon as I continue to flush it out with proper examples of my capabilities.

Below are just a few more examples of prior work that has been approved for release.

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